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March 3, 2022



Remember back in 2019 watching The Oslo being built on The Block and falling in love every reveal night with Deb's coastal and luxurious spaces ?

Well... now we have the pleasure of working alongside Deb while she teaches you how to design your dream coastal home!

Timeless and elegant with a modern twist is where we began when building this bathroom concept.

Choosing tiles and tapware can be daunting but if you stick to a style and keep your selections cohesive you'll create bathroom magic.

This bathroom is all about creating a soft earthy vibe. We've used tone on tone in this design. Layering colours of sand, white and adding timber and brushed brass to enhance the palette and increase the luxe vibe.

Deb, xx (1)


Warm hues

This bathroom is earthy & luxurious.

Achieving a soft look in a room full of hard surfaces can be challenging. To soften & warm the space we introduced texture and warm hues.

The sandy coloured tiles & the brushed brass work well together adding luxurious elegance. Add textured towels, a stool, soaps, baskets or anything you love to reflect your personal style.

You can change the colour of your towels and styling items to change the look as often as you like.


Deb's Top 3 Bathroom Design Tips

"Consider your layout.  Think about how and who uses the space. Got lots of kids? Separate the toilet so there's not a line up! If you prefer the toilet in your bathroom, position it so it's not the first thing you see upon entering the bathroom."


"Storage, it seems obvious but all too often storage is overlooked. Vanities with drawers & or cupboards are great particularly in the main bathroom that may be used by several family members. Mirrors with storage behind are a great idea too . They come in many shapes & sizes and can be inset into your wall looking seamless & beautiful while hiding all of your bathroom must-haves. Think about other forms of storage too. We love running a shelf along the wall inside the shower and along the wall behind the bathtub. You can also put in niches. Our tip is to make niches and shelves as generous in length as you can. They look great and will be very practical, a place to put all of your most regularly used items. Decide placement of shelves, niches etc  in the planning stage, it's too hard to add in later. "


"Lighting, don't forget to light up your bathroom. We love strip lighting and it can be added in so many places. In niches, shelves, behind mirrors, under vanities. Wire them to their own switch and create a spa-like feeling at home. Bathing with the glow of beautiful feature lighting is amazing."