Meet ourEnergetic Team

Every Hunter Homes team member shares a passion for excellence and a superior level of service. Our brand foundations are at the heart of everything we do – Service, Trust, Families, Individuality & Local. At Hunter Homes we pride ourselves on our expertise and vibrant company culture.

Our Management Team

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Meet Lisa

General Manager
Lisa brings her knowledge and support to the Hunter Homes Team. Supporting and providing guidance to her client service teams, Lisa is here to ensure all clients enjoy their build process.

Meet Emma

General Manager
Since joining the Hunter Homes team Emma has found her passion in the building industry. To Emma Live with Heart means to live your life with a full heart.


Meet Chris

Business Development Manager
As an executive team member, Chris conducts research on behalf of the company, builds relationships with likeminded business and helps lead the future decisions for Hunter Homes.

Meet Madeline

Marketing Manager
With a strong passion for Marketing & Interior Design Mads is in her element here at Hunter Homes who has worked within our company for over eight years.


Meet Ken

Chief Financial Officer
With a wealth of knowledge and experience Ken provides strategic financial and management advice to the Hunter Homes Management team.


Meet Dominic

Construction Manager
Dominic has been working in the industry for over 18 years now and has become accustom helping clients through the process of building their forever homes.


Meet Keely

Office Manager
keely brings a powerful intellect and an unwavering dedication to her role, overseeing the office's smooth and efficient operation with exceptional organizational and leadership skills.

Our Sales Team

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Meet Orey

New Home Advisor
With over 5 years of experience within the construction industry, Orey is here to utilise her knowledge whilst guiding you through the initial stages of your building journey.

Meet Tammy

New Home Advisor
Tammy finds great satisfaction in the creation of new homes, providing families with beautiful and functional living spaces where they can create cherished memories.

Meet Tegan

Display Home Cleaner
Tegan is our friendly Display Home Cleaner who keeps our display homes looking lovely and clean at all times.

Our HQ Team


Meet Lauren

Junior Graphic Designer
With a love for design, Lauren utilises her creative eye to produce high-quality, creative designs for all HH graphics.


Meet Jacq

Marketing Assistant
Pursuing her dedication and love for marketing throughout her work and is always open to the opportunity to advance her knowledge in the industry.


Meet Angela

Colour Consultant
Angela is passionate about helping clients choose the perfect colour scheme for their home. With 15 of experience in the industry, Ange has a keen eye for colour and can advise on the latest trends, styles, and finishes.

Meet Charli

Client Services Support
Charli is one of Hunter Homes Client Service Support staff, Charli has started with the Hunter Homes Team as a Trainee assisting the Client Service Team and loves learning new things.

Meet Maddy

Colour Consultant
Maddy is passionate about helping clients choose the perfect colour scheme for their home and has developed a keen eye for colour, staying updated on the latest trends, styles, and finishes.

Meet Michayla

Contract Administrator
With her effervescent and cheerful demeanour, Michayla is ready to assist you in the early stages of constructing your new home.


Meet Kaylee

Client Liaison Team Leader
Kaylee ensures her clients are at ease during the middle of their building journey to ensure each client experiences a smooth and speedy process.
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Meet Maddi

Client Liaison
Maddi possesses a refined mindset that guarantees her clients feel comfortable throughout their construction journey.


Meet Trinity

Receptionist & Client Services and Accounts Support
Her strong communication and problem-solving abilities enable her to complete all tasks to a high standard.


Meet Sarah

Certification Coordinator
Sarah has a deep understanding of the journey of building a home which has led her to being our Certification Coordinator.


Meet Jess

Site Liaison
Jess dedicates her efforts to ensure that every client's build journey is organized and well-prepared for the construction phase.


Meet Katie

Scheduling Officer & Warehouse Coordinator
Katie is organised and ensures all work onsite are scheduled in an organised manner. Whilst also coordinating all inflow & outflow of materials within the HH warehouse

Meet Kellie

Accounts Assistant
Kellie offers her consistent support to the accounts team with over 30 years of experience in accounts & admin.


Meet Marie

Systems Developer
Marie works alongside the HH team as a system developer. Working behind the scenes, Marie focuses on evolving procedures within the business.

Meet Amanda

Scheduling & Warehouse Support
With over 8 years of experience in the construction industry, Amanda is here to provide her dedicated support with all tasks.


Meet Michael

Drafting Team Leader
With a degree in Architectural design Michael LOVES all things construction! In true form of an architectural student he enjoys creating something from just lines on a page.
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Meet Duy

Duy is a part of the Drafting Team here at Hunter Homes. Utilizing his extensive skill set to produce high quality plans for our clients.


Meet Tahlia

With a fresh perspective and a creative eye, Tahlia embarks on her journey in the industry as she joins Hunter Homes.


Meet Paul

Sales & Production Estimator
Paul is a production estimator who started with the company over five years ago and loves to watch clients homes come to life.

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Meet Piotr

Being open to new opportunities and standing up to any challenge, Piotr dedicates his time to ensuring client plans are created with quality detail.

Meet Ed

Display Construction Coordinator
Being involved in the building industry for the past 21 years has shown Ed that there is always more to learn.

Our Construction Team

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Meet Will

Site Supervisor
Will brings over 12 years of experience in the construction industry to his role. He leverages his expertise and keen eye for detail to oversee the construction process of client homes.

Meet Tim

Site Supervisor
Clients will get the chance to meet Tim whilst they attend their onsite walkthroughs of their new home where Tim is able to answer any questions that may arise.


Meet Jason

Site Supervisor
Jason utilises his expertise and knowledge when monitoring each of our client’s onsite progress.

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Meet Jamie

Site Supervisor
With 20 years of experience within the Building Industry, Jamie uses his mature knowledge and attention to detail throughout his work.


Meet Marc

Site Supervisor
Marc joined the HH team with over 40 years of experience in the tiling industry. With serious attention to detail, Marc offers the best services and uses his knowledge to insure all jobs are well looked after.

Our Maintenance Team


Meet Anna

Client Services Support
Anna works within the Maintenance team liaising with clients as they entire their maintenance period. After setting the clients up Anna schedules our construction team to complete any rectifications needed efficiently.

Meet Jackob

Maintenance Carpenter
Jackob has been apart of the Hunter Homes team for just over a year, with over 5 years of experience within the construction industry. Working in both under construction & maintenance client homes.