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Brewing Change:
Hunter Homes Coffee Cart

Coffee Delivered
With Heart heart

At Hunter Homes, we don't just build houses; we build communities. Our commitment to fostering positive change goes beyond constructing beautiful homes. One way we've been stirring up goodwill is through our beloved coffee cart—a mobile beacon of community engagement and support. As a family-driven business, we understand the significance of genuine connections and the joy found in small gestures. Our bright yellow branded cups symbolise the vibrant energy we bring to every community we touch.

Every weekend, our coffee cart hits the road, making its way to community events and local gatherings. What makes this caffeine-fueled endeavor special is not just the delightful aroma of freshly brewed coffee but the heartwarming purpose behind it. Through the generous donations of our coffee and cold drinks, we raise funds for local charities, with a long-standing commitment to Jenny's Place.

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Jenny's Place: A Beacon of Hope

Jenny's Place is more than just a charity; it's a lifeline for women and children facing domestic violence and homelessness. Committed to transparency, equality, compassion, and decency, the passionate team at Jenny's Place works tirelessly to create safe spaces and empower those in need. Our collaboration with Jenny's Place has been a continuous effort to support their various services, including crisis refuges, transitional accommodations, and outreach programs.

Commitment to Mental Health Awareness

We take pride in our commitment to mental health awareness. Last year, through a collaborative effort with our partnering suppliers, we raised over $18,000 during a breakfast event dedicated to supporting the 'Beyond Blue Big Blue Table,' contributing to the vital cause of mental health advocacy.

Raise Funds for Your Local Community School or Sporting Event

Hunter Homes takes pride in being more than just a homebuilder. We are a company that values innovation, inspiration, and, above all, community. By offering our coffee cart services to a broader audience, we aim to inspire others to join us in creating positive change.

Whether it's a local sporting event, community celebration, or school fete, our Coffee Cart is the perfect addition to elevate the experience. Join us in brewing not just coffee but also vibrant partnerships that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Coffee Cart Bookings Include:

- Experienced Barista

- Premium Coffee and Supplies

- Table, Gazebo & Donations Box

- All money raised goes directly to your chosen charity/fund raising event

Booking Information

If you're looking to book the Hunter Homes Coffee Cart for your next Footy Grand Final or Annual School Fete reach out to us at [email protected]

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