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Welcome to our
Colour Studio

Where your vision shapes your future home. Discover a world of colours and textures guided by our Colour Consultants devoted to bringing your unique style to life. Explore and create your home's vibrant story here.  

Where your vision shapes your future home. Discover a world of colours and textures guided by our Colour Consultants devoted to bringing your unique style to life. Explore and create your home's vibrant story here.  

Discover Your Dream Home Palette at Our Colour Studio
Transforming Dreams into Reality

Our Colour Studio is the place where your ideal home vision becomes a reality! Whether it's your first or forever home, our Colour Studio caters to all your desires and requirements. We offer a comprehensive service, meticulously crafted to helping our clients in choosing both internal and external colours for their new homes.

Through our Colour Studio, customers can personalise every aspect, from bricks to skirtings and cornices, enhancing our modern home designs into personalised dream spaces. With access to an ever-evolving array of options—colours, textures, and trends—paired with the expertise of our color consultants, you'll be expertly guided through the entire colour selection process.


The colour selection stage is easily the most exciting part of building a new home. It’s the fun part and often the one that does take the most time.

With your Colour Consultant by your side, you will get to choose from a great range of Colours and products to create a theme for your new home. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to really start developing a home that reflects your personal style and preferences. 

Like the colour selections, the lighting and electrical also takes place in your colour selection appointment which is another exciting part of the process as it's an opportunity to choose the new products in your home. Your Colour Consultant will guide you through the selection process so you can choose exactly what works for your lifestyle allowing you and your family to live with heart.

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Stage One

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Stage Two

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Stage Three

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Stage Four

Gaining Access to your Online Colour Selection Portal

To start your new home colour selection journey, we will provide you access to the Hunter Homes Online Colour Selection Portal. There is so many items to consider when it comes to choosing the colours and materials for your home. This portal was created to ensure that when you come in for your appointment, you will understand the extent of the selections you need to make. The portal is designed to help you in confidently making selections, providing a clear overview of your expenses as you add items to your "cart."

Choosing the Exterior Selections of your Home

The first part of your Colour Selection appointment is focusing on selecting the external components of your home with your dedicated Colour Consultant. During this you'll curate the colours for various exterior elements, including your exterior material, roof, fascia, gutter, garage door, windows, driveway, front door, cladding, render, downpipes, post, and eaves. This comprehensive appointment ensures a detailed selection for your home's exterior aesthetics.

Choosing the Interior Selections of your Home

Once you have selected the exterior selections for your home you will move into all interior colours. You'll explore and finalise selections for paint, architraves, skirting, cornice, tiles, flooring, internal doors, door hardware, tapware, sinks, accessories, appliances, joinery and benchtop colours. It's the pivotal moment where the interior aesthetics and functionality of your home come to life.

Choosing your Electrical Selections

You are now at the final stage of the Colour Selection journey, choosing electrical inclusions and marking up the electrical plan. This process involves collaborating with your Colour Consultant to strategically position outlets, switches, lighting, and technology points throughout your space. It's an opportunity to tailor your home to your lifestyle, ensuring convenience and functionality in every room. Marking up the electrical plan involves detailed discussions and decisions on placement, ensuring that your home meets your specific needs and preferences. From lighting ambiance to the placement of power sources, this stage adds the personalised touch that makes your home uniquely yours.

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Colour Selection tips

Tip 1: Opt for a cohesive colour palette

When selecting colours for your home, it's wise to limit the variety of hues. Too many colours can create a visually chaotic environment.

Tip 2: Mind the room size for colour choices

Light colours tend to expand the perceived space, creating an open and airy ambiance, while darker tones might shrink the space, inducing a somewhat confined atmosphere.

Tip 3: Reflect on the mood colours evoke

Consider the emotional impact of colours on the ambiance of your home. Warm colors often exude vibrancy and confidence, while cooler tones foster a relaxed atmosphere. Natural tones also contribute to a calm and serene environment.

Tip 4: Avoid hastiness with trendy colours

While keeping up with current trends is tempting, it's essential to align your choices with your personal preferences as trends can quickly become outdated, potentially affecting the feel of your home in the long run.

Tip 5: Factor in lighting's influence on colour

The intensity and appearance of a colour are significantly affected by the lighting in a space. More light tends to reveal a truer representation of a colour.

Tip 6: Personalise with accents

Introduce personal touches through accent colours, allowing you to infuse your unique style into the space without overpowering the overall palette.

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