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Expert Builder | The 4 Big Advantages of Acreage Homesheart


Privacy, Peace and Quiet

For Australians living in busy cities, silence and privacy can be difficult to come by. As cities are forced to optimise the limited space that they have to work with, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a living space where you can maintain a balanced relationship with nature. Acreage homes are typically situated outside the city, with your own land stretching out on all sides of the house, providing you with a level of privacy and autonomy that no other housing option can provide.

Now, with more acreage sites situated closer to the city, many Australians are able to become first home buyers and enjoy the best of both worlds by living in a country environment and commuting to work in the city each day.


Freedom to Build it Your Way

As quality builders for first home buyers, we relish the opportunity to work with blocks of land which inspire us to go all out and utilise the space available to its full potential. By not being in suburban neighbourhoods, it gives you a chance to envision a home with fewer limitations, greater flexibility of design and total freedom to express yourself. A lot of land is an opportunity for a fresh start and to build a home completely from scratch, with every detail just the way you want it. Whether you have a large family, or plan to have one someday, your home can incorporate all your current and future plans.


Eco-Friendly Life

Australia is a global leader in clean energy solution and eco-friendly awareness. Research shows that more Australians are educated and aware of the worsening impact of climate change and finding sustainable ways of living is a top priority. For modern Australian homeowners, innovations in sustainable technologies and supportive government grants have made it possible to build a home from the ground up which is focused on protecting the environment in every way. An acreage home gives you the flexibility to fully power your home with sustainable energy like natural gas and solar. The right architecture and building materials ensure that the house gets plenty of natural light and keeps warmth in during cold winter months without requiring much energy to heat or cool. The possibilities to go eco-friendly are endless in Australia’s thriving sustainable technologies sector and new homeowners are uniquely positioned to enjoy all the benefits that come with these choices!


Quality Builders in the Hunter

Australians are born with a sense of adventure. For many, true autonomy and off-grid living is a dream that is within reach with acreage homes. Acreage lots could allow homeowners to become 100% energy autonomous over time through sustainable forms of energy. For many, an acreage home is about creating their own eco-system where food, water and energy are found within a self-contained system. Growing your own food, creating your own energy, living on your land on your own terms is every person’s right.

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Building an acreage home is an exciting and ambitious project. Hunter Homes is an award winning home builder helping you navigate the ups and downs of building a new home with our team of dedicated and customer-focused experts. Find out how Hunter families live with heart in their acreage home projects or call us on 1300 081 280 to learn more!

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