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Essential Questions For Your Builderheart

Before your new home build beings, we recommended asking your builder the questions below, some you might already know the answer to and some you may not have thought about. This will help ensure you have chosen the right builder, one you trust and will deliver a quality home in a timely manner.

Before Signing the Contract ask these key questions:

Land Questions

Finding the right block of land for your dream home is an important decision. So, make sure to assess everything from size and shape, to slope and topography, even preliminary information like a soil test. When considering buying a block – take the details to the builders you are exploring and ask:

  • Will retaining walls be required?
  • Will there be soil that needs to be taken away or brought onto the site?
  • Does the storm or septic water disposal system need to be engineer-designed?
  • Will services be required to receive connections?
  • Will there be a need for additional runs to service?
  • Is the block bushfire prone?

Plan and Design Questions

Before settling on the first plan you see, why not explore other design offered by the builder you are exploring, helping you achieve your dream home. Make sure you ask to see their most popular design, there is a reason why they build more of that home than any other!

  • How many plans do you have in your range?
  • Do you have display homes?
  • Can I modify your standard plans and at what cost?
  • Will you help me to find out if there are specific requirements or restrictions regarding our home’s location on our block, and are there any protective covenants?
  • What energy rating will you be aiming to achieve with my home build?
  • Where will the view (if any) be from inside?
  • How much storage does this home have?
  • Do you have access to the elevations so we can see the window and eternal door heights?
  • What changes are made now and what is selected at my colour appointment?

Deposit and Pricing Questions

Once your plans and detailed specifications are finalised, a trustworthy builder will provide a detailed step by step guide of how you will move through the building process. This process will clearly set out each party’s responsibilities and importantly, a progress and payment schedule. So, take into consideration:

  • How much is the deposit? How much is kept if we decide not to proceed?
  • How long is the pricing held for and how long do we have to commence on site for pricing to be valid?
  • If we pay for soil tests and other property information, do we own the reports?
  • Can we take our contract to our solicitor to review?

Insurance Questions

Insurance is one of the most important aspects when it comes to building a new home. When looking into a home builder, be sure to ask about what type of insurance they have, along with health and safety protocols, this includes:

  • Builders warranty insurance
  • Personal/professional indemnity insurance
  • Home Owners Warranty (HOW)
  • Public liability insurance

Making sure you work with an insured builder is essential for protecting everyone from injuries as well as protecting you from damage to your home, along with circumstances that can lead to the project not being complete or any defects in the work.

At Hunter Homes, our highly experienced, fully insured, passionate and dedicated team can help you achieve your home ownership dreams with upfront fixed price quotes throughout the build process. We invite you to visit us at one of our display locations where we can help you explore the idea of building your new Hunter Home.


With Love from HH.