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How to Style Your Dream Living Roomheart


Living Room Styling Tips
with Deb

Welcome to the journey of creating your dream living room, where every element is carefully chosen to bring together comfort, style, and a touch of modern elegance. Join our brand ambassador, Deb Saunders, as she shares her insights on how to transform your space into a haven of warmth and sophistication.

We started building this dreamy living space by choosing the beautiful earthy oak coloured floorboards from Carpet Court.

The floors set the tone for the entire space. We then added statement round oversized lighting for a modern look. The coffee & side
tables are cement which is hard wearing and practical.

The round organic shapes of these pieces soften the room. Each item is chosen to work together. The artwork helps to bring in all the tones pulling the oak colour from the flooring up to eye level on the wall resulting in a balanced space.

We love layering our rooms and this time we have done that with a textured rug, throw and the cushions. Adding floaty sheers for extra layers and softness will finish it all off perfectly.

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  • Step 1: Setting the Foundation with Earthy Oak Floorboards Deb begins her journey by selecting stunning earthy oak-coloured floorboards from Carpet Court. The choice of flooring is crucial, as it sets the tone for the entire living space. The warm, natural hues of oak provide a solid foundation, creating a welcoming atmosphere that invites you to unwind and relax.

  • Step 2: Making a Statement with Oversized Lighting To infuse a modern aesthetic into the living room, Deb opts for round oversized lighting fixtures. These statement pieces not only illuminate the space but also serve as eye-catching focal points. The interplay between the organic shapes of the lights and the earthy tones of the floor creates a harmonious balance in the room.

  • Step 3: Cement Coffee and Side Tables for Durability and Style Choosing practical and hard-wearing materials is key to creating a functional living space. Deb incorporates cement coffee and side tables that not only add an industrial touch but also withstand the wear and tear of daily life. The round shapes of these tables complement the overall design, softening the room and adding a touch of contemporary flair.
  • Step 4: Curating Artwork for Colour Harmony To bring cohesion to the space, Deb carefully selects artwork that incorporates the oak color from the flooring. The artwork becomes a connecting element, pulling the warm tones upward and creating a visually balanced composition on the wall. This thoughtful integration of art enhances the overall aesthetic of the living room.

  • Step 5: Layering for Texture and Comfort Deb loves to layer her rooms for added depth and coziness. In this dream living room, she achieves this by introducing a textured rug, throw, and cushions. The layers not only contribute to the visual appeal but also create a comfortable and inviting environment. The combination of different textures adds interest and warmth to the space.

  • Step 6: Floaty Sheers for Extra Layers and Softness To finish off the room perfectly, Deb suggests adding floaty sheers. These light and airy window treatments introduce an additional layer of softness to the space. The sheer fabric allows natural light to filter through, creating a luminous and ethereal ambiance that complements the overall design.
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Deb Saunders

By following these carefully curated steps from our brand ambassador, Deb Saunders, you can transform your living room into a dreamy and stylish haven. From the choice of flooring to the selection of lighting, furniture, and accessories, every element plays a crucial role in creating a harmonious and inviting living space. Embrace the journey of crafting your dream living room, where comfort and style coexist in perfect harmony.