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Real Life Renovate vs Rebuild - Client Costed Exampleheart

Real Life Renovate vs Rebuild
Client Costed Example

Ever been torn between renovating your current home or starting fresh with a rebuild? Meet our clients, who initially shrugged off the idea of renovating their 1970s central coast a home. But as time passed, the desire for a revamped space grew too strong to resist. They rolled up their sleeves, assuming the hard work of renovating themselves would pay off in the lifestyle they were looking for.

Their renovation goes further than a lick of paint, but doesn’t make any structural changes. In the end they spent over $300k in total, and invested an intensive amount of time – including weekend away from their children who needed watching while they took part in the renovation.

Summary of Renovation Cost
Total $310k+

Here is a rough summary of the costs they put together for us:

Renovate 50 year old 4 bed home with two bathrooms and a large kitchen, large living dining area

  • Tiled roof restoration (good for another 10 years)– $7.5k
  • New windows throughout (14 double glazed) - $18k plus Installation of windows - $5k
  • Open out kitchen living dining – knock through wall and install 2 steel support beams $8k
  • New rear decking (limited to 20m2 for easy council management) $19.5k
  • Sliding stacking doors x 5 out to new deck to create indoor outdoor area – cost of doors ($8k) installation ($1.5k) and electronic roller blinds ($2.5k)
  • Initial whitewash of floorboards (redone after painter used did a terrible job ($2k)
  • New click in flooring throughout $15k
  • New carpet in bedrooms $7k
  • New kitchen including appliances $45k
  • New bathroom and ensuite $35k
  • Upgrade to 3-phase electricity $6
  • New laundry including washing machine $15k
  • Paint exterior of house, 2 coats $8k
  • Paint interior of house, some done DIY but includes 2-3 coats all walls, ceilings doors architraves and skirts $8k

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Build New Next Time?
Rebuild From $367k

Overall the project took over 6 months, hours of investigation and negotiation. Despite their efforts, the reality fell short. They found themselves settling for compromises and longing for something more. So after less than a year in the new space, they decided to rent out the home and this time have set their sights on finally building their dream home from scratch.

media uploaded-files Ellerton

Comparison SummaryRenovation CostsRebuild Costs (Example Ellerton)
Kitchen$45,000Included in package
Bathroom$35,000Included in package
Interior$75,000Included in package
Exterior$31,000Included in package
Laundry$15,000Included in package
Basix RequirementsNot includedIncluded in compliance package
Insulation  Not includedIncluded in construction
Solar System  Not includedIncluded in package
Ducted Air Conditioning  Not includedIncluded in package
Triple-Layered Glazed WindowsNot includedIncluded in construction
Colorbond RoofingNot includedIncluded in package
Automated Garage DoorNot includedIncluded in package
AAC CladdingNot includedIncluded in construction
Fibreglass Window ScreensNot includedIncluded in package
Fibreglass Sliding Door ScreensNot includedIncluded in package
Total Cost$310,000+Starting from $367,000

Armed with newfound determination and renovation war stories, they're now on a mission to make their dream home a reality. With Hunter Homes on board, they're crafting a space that truly reflects their vision. No more compromises, no more settling—just a home that's uniquely theirs. Our clients are looking at a new 4 bedroom home, like The Ellerton, building with Hunter Homes from as little as $367k

Our clients' journey teaches us that sometimes starting fresh is the way to go and you should carefully evaluate a decision to renovate or rebuild. With Hunter Homes, they're not just building a house—they're creating a space where dreams come to life. So, if you're torn between renovating and rebuilding, remember: your dream home might be just a rebuild away.

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