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Tips on selecting colours for your new homeheart

The colour selection stage is easily the most exciting part of building a new home. It’s the fun part and often the one that does take the most time. Throughout this blog, we have curated a list of helpful tips, general information, and inspiration to get you ready for your Colour Selection appointment.

Choosing the Perfect Colours for Your New Home

There’s no other way to put it, choosing the colour of the interiors and exteriors of your new home build can be a terrifying prospect. Some people go with colours that are too safe, giving the house a flat look despite all the clever design and architectural choices available. Pick colours that are too bold, and you may end up overwhelming all the subtle interior design touches you had in your vision for your new home. Our display homes can provide you with a great visual reference of how colours impact the mood to help see how colours work together!

A Look That’s Refreshing Inside and Out

Take a good look at the world just outside your house. Chances are that you will find plenty of ideas for shades and colours everywhere you look to give your home a palette that is refreshing inside and out. If you live in an area with plenty of trees, you might favour earthy tones of green, terracotta, and muted stone. A sunnier setting near the ocean might suggest vivid blues, turquoise, and pastel colours that sit up nicely against sunlight. Australian architect Glenn Murcutt has a simple and fantastic tip; follow the sun. Observe how your home is lit up by sunlight at different times of the day. Paint needs light to bring out its characteristics, and the quality of light matters.

Choosing Exterior Home Colours

When it comes to paint colours for your home's exterior, Hunter Homes’ tip is to go with shades that highlight the features that you are most proud of. Our creative Colour Consultants can draw on their knowledge and experience of residential buildings to help you choose from a palette of colours that would best suit your house, making your decision easier.

Choosing the Right Colour for the Interior of your new home

When it comes to interiors, it is important to take the plunge and find the courage to go bold if required. Sticking to neutral colours might feel practical, but you’ve come this far, so don’t be afraid to energise the rooms of your home with clever contrast. Think of every room like a painting, with a clear central focus and a cast of supporting colours around it.


Follow the rule of 3’s when choosing paint colours:

  1. Begin with a field colour which is typically a neutral shade and is the background for the room. Clean bright whites, subtle greys, and other light, cool tones help set the mood for a room.
  2. Next, choose your trim colour. This is an opportunity to experiment a little more and go with a high contrast choice which demands a bit more attention from people walking into the room. You could also go with a neutral shade and build the layers of the room gradually.
  3. Finally, the accent colour is what adds the “pop” to the room and may not necessarily involve paint. Wallpaper, carpets, curtains, and other objects can act as the accent and will draw the eye to them.

At Hunter Homes, we are your allies when it comes to every step of your home-building journey. From the moment you decide that you would like to be a homeowner, our team will guide you throughout the building process.


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With love from HH.