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Designing a home that will stand the test of timeheart

Hunter Homes are designed to be timeless, modern and last for decades to come. So, to find a home that stays classy and contemporary over time, we have curated a simple list to make it easier for you.

Check them out below!

The Open Floor Concept

A timeless home is one that is enduringly functional for your family.

Look for features such as an open-floor plan, offering seamless transitions between kitchen, dining room, and living room. This will allow you the space to rest, relax and breathe, while unifying the interior design approach across the floor, wall, lighting, and other fixtures.

Have a strict focus on symmetry and proportion to create a sense of balance that helps the space to flow.

Keep it Neutral and Natural

Bold colour palettes can be exciting when they are new, but do not always age well over time. For an elegant interior design, stick to a neutral colour scheme.

Natural materials such as stone, silk and wool also add a luxury touch without being garish. Clean and quiet, this sophisticated look can elevate any home design, from old-fashioned villas to contemporary stunners.

If you want to add pop of colour, use accents or artworks that are far less straining on the eye and easier to change if you get tired of it.

Hardwood Timber Floors

Timber is the perfect material for a modern family home. It brings warmth and durability over the course of many years. Apart from humid environments such as the bathroom, timber is a suitable flooring for everything from the functional kitchen to the comfortable bedroom.

While softwood from conifers can be maintained with the correct preservative, hardwood from deciduous trees tends to be more durable to last over the years.

For the truly local look, use an Australian hardwood species such as blackbutt.

Minimalism in Furnishings

Clean-cut lines will never go out of style and can bring a sleek simplicity to your busy family unit. With its fresh and open feel, minimalism is a style that is here to stay.

Aside from statement pieces, you can streamline the look of furniture and fixtures to meld into the walls rather than standing out. Even more than traditional appliances such as stove tops and cabinetry, the key to creating the minimalistic look is how you treat your technology appliances.

Why not try slim TVs set seamlessly into the walls and home audio or computers that look balanced and uncluttered, with loose cables tucked away.

Choose Quality over Quantity

Treat home design as an investment. Why look shabby for the short-term if you can look elegant for the long? Invest in quality furniture and décor, which will look classier over the course of a longer lifespan.

Plush fabrics add dynamism, antiques add character, while a well-thought-out art piece can add beauty and focus.

There are so many elements of timeless interior design to play around with. Think of them as guidelines to personalise rather than rules that will produce a generic copy-and-paste house.

If you are looking for a timeless house with all the comforts and thrills of contemporary living, contact the experts in home design.


With love from HH.

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